Straight out of YOUNGSTOWN OHIO !!! One of Amerikkka’s toughest cities. And I’m here to tell the world our story!! From the perspective of a Afro-Latino man , surrounded by miseducation, poverty, genocide, & neglect ! From this adversity creates the spirit of the ppl who live there ! Relentless, fearless, driven, loyalty, sincere, talented, smart, and will do whatever to protect what’s there’s ! The world calls us Criminals and Gangsters ! I call us Family. Me in the first of my kind born in the first of times. 40 yrs ago wasn’t to many mixed children running around. Well i didn’t meet the first mixed kid like me till i was in the 7th grade, besides that i remember when there wasn’t Crack. Shit no B.E.T. either. “The way my Dad said it went was the Steel Mills closed on monday he saw CRACK for the 1st time that Saturday .. THEY HAD A PLAN FOR US BUT THEY DIDN’T PLAN FOR ME!!!! and with that being said “ WELCOME TO YOUNGSTOWN !!
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